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In the introductory chapter, you will learn about the role of affiliate marketing. Nevertheless, telemedicine and online pharmacies in India must comply with the existing techno legal laws of India. But this is not happening as of date and many e-commerce portals have been facingheatof law enforcement agencies of India. For instance, Maharashtra's FDA has already orderedfiling of FIRs against Snapdeal, its CEO Kunal Bahl, directors and distributors for online sale of prescription drugs. SimilarlyThe Indian government has just clarified about the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the e-commerce sector of India. The Delhi High Court has already been ordered the government to investigate 21 e-commerce websites for possible violations of foreign direct investment (FDI) laws. But as ondate the techno legal compliances for the e-commerce business in India are not complied with.


Ecommercehas allowed firms to establish a market presence, to enhance the existing market position, by providing a cheaper and more efficient distribution chain for their products or services. One example of a firm that has had been usedecommerceis Target. This mass retailer not only has a physicalstores,but also has an online store where you can buy everything from clothes to coffee machines to action figures. Amazon, by contrast, is a primarily an


Anyone in a band will know the CD sales are falling and it's now imperative to are they way to go. The Big record labels now do what is called a 360 deal. It's kind of like you can not have your cake and eat it too,expectthey are. Taking the time to really get and create good merch is important, it reflects onartistif they do not have good merchand, Especially if you are selling a white Gildan t-shirt with a simple black logo for $ 25, come on man, they cost you about $ 6 to buy and print it. When bands releasea new albums and a t-shirt that matches the record label, which sucks! Hopefully this post will help you better understand how your band can make money for your merchand and make better decision on merch.


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