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One of the biggest sticking points for small publishing companies and self publishers moving to print-on-demand is the quality of the grayscale photos. Reproducing color photos and illustrations is less of an issue because it's rarely cost effective with print on demand, regardless of the quality. It's also important to point out that book illustration doesn't require grey scales if you're clever about it, but photo reproduction does, which complicates reissuing backlist books with POD. In fact, the very worst grayscale reproduction you'll see in print on demand books comes about when the original offset printed book is scanned to create a digital file. Since the original offset printed photos were screened, scanning and reprinting produces interference patterns and horrible resolution.


'Everyone knows what the situation is. We're in a position where most of the funds are inside paypal and paypal is not allowing funds to go out. We've retained one of the top attorneys in the USA to help with this matter. Their only reasoning for holding onto funds is because we grew too fast in a short amount of time. We have a group of people here in Dubai who have been working on resolution towards making sure members get paid right away using a new payment gateway. We're getting closer to finishing the resolution to the matter. #1 goal is paying members asap while we resolve getting funds out of paypal. What PayPal is doing is not fair on our members, me, or the company as a whole. In fact, we believe it's illegal what PayPal is doing. We're doing our best given the situation, and I don't know why anyone would say B.S. when I've always been honest and open with our members.



As mentioned earlier, this convention is tries to solve the issues of the uncertainty of legal rules for international contracts. So, there are provisions under this convention which deal with determining a party's location in an electronic environment; the time and place of dispatch and receipt of electronic communications; and the use of automated message systems for contract formation. In addition, there are also other provisions which mentioned about the criteria establishing functional equivalence between electronic communications and paper documents which including original” paper documents as well as between electronic authentication methods and hand-written signatures. The convention will assure companies and traders around the world that contracts negotiated electronically are as valid and enforceable as traditional paper-based transactions.


Print on Demand is essentially digital printing with high end production printing machines supported by a system which can streamline and automate the process of printing books and documents. While digital printing has been around for a while, its application was limited to document printing. The primary reason for it was that the cost and quality of digitally printed books couldn't compete with offset printed ones. However, with time, the cost of digital printing has gone down and the quality has gone up. Now we have production level digital printing systems in place, which can do high quality printing at reasonable prices. The cost per copy with digital printing would still be higher as compared to what you will get by printing 1000 copies with offset. But when it comes to short run printing or one off printing, digital printing wins hands down in terms of the total investment involved.



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