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Being optimistic is a very difficult task for all of us, especially when our human emotions are more inclined to move toward the negative. Optimism, however, can be learned, developed or created and you do not have to be a rocket scientist to achieve this. Creating an optimistic approach to life just means exerting some regular effort at observing your thoughts and emotions and finding ways to be able to look at the positive side of even the worst things in life.

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As human beings, feeling angry, sad, insecure, or depressed are all natural things. This does not mean, however, that they are inevitable. Feeling nothing at all is indeed unnatural but feeling continuous joy and happiness in life is also a possibility although it may be relatively rare for most people. Inner joy is a very real energy that is locked deep inside of us and which is rarely experienced except in very special circumstances like the birth of a child or when we first fall in love. These powerful emotions are reserved only for special occasions and our ego allows them to come forward just for a few hours or days before we eventually tuck them back into our hearts for another day. This, however, is not the necessary way of living. These powerful emotions are something that come from inside us and, therefore, they can be accessed by us at any time we choose if only we had the correct keys to unlock them all the time.


Creating optimism depends on our own efforts. We can not count on other people such as our spouses, parents, or close friends to make this positive attitude well up inside us. If we do that, we are turning our lives over to others and putting our own happiness at the mercy of someone else. Creating optimism means learning to look inside ourselves for that joyful energy that we have only allowed ourselves to experience once in a while. It means learning how to access that without having to wait for a wedding or a new promotion or a lucky lottery ticket. We make the decision to become the creators of our own happiness by directly accessing the source of that happiness that lies inside of each of us. This only becomes possible, however, by first looking at the negative thoughts and feeling that are blocking this energy from coming to the surface. The more we examine our own thoughts and emotions, the more we begin to see how our minds function and we slowly become the experts at accessing the joy within.

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